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Benefit Data Management Verisource

Innovative Solutions for the Management of Employee Benefit Data

VSI’s proprietary technology provides innovative Client data warehousing solutions that consolidate employee benefit data into a single database. Our custom solutions provide a web portal for HR administrators to access a wealth of benefit data along with an online Benefit Briefcase for employees.

Key components of VSI’s solutions:

  • check Primary Account Management team
  • check Personalized, custom data management solutions
  • check Standalone single source database
  • check Custom defined permissions
  • check Employee eligibility tracking
  • check Carrier Electronic Eligibility Files
  • check Payroll deduction files
  • check EOI monitoring
  • check Census Reports (point in time)
  • check Employee Benefit Inquiry

Employee Benefit Briefcase:

  • check Access Employer Notifications
    • Summary Plan Documents
    • Benefit Summaries
    • Benefit Rates
    • Employer Communications
  • check Personalized enrollment solution
  • check Access and update dependents
  • check Dependent verification
  • check Access and update beneficiaries
  • check Benefit Statements


VSI's proprietary Benefit Data Management system is a rules based, parameter driven solution. We utilize windows based software, databases and languages in an integrated system designed to deliver the flexibility and power required to process benefit data for many varied Clients and benefit programs.

The extensive technology expertise of our EDT department (Electronic Data Transfer) is utilized to integrate with payroll, HRIS and carrier systems. In addition, we work directly with IT, payroll and each carrier to implement and test the individual interfaces.

Data Security

VSI is a human resource benefit data administration services company dedicated to, and sophisticated about, privacy, data protection, and information security policy. We take proactive and intentional steps to protect our client’s data, and build a secure benefits administration platform. With all servers located in an offsite secondary processing site (Fibertown) VSI is commited to the security and integrity of our Client’s information.

To learn more about our services, please Contact VSI.


Each VSI service can be employed on a standalone basis, or integrated with other services to develop a complete solution. Popular VSI solutions include:

Standard Solutions

Data Management. Employee Enrollment. Premium Billing

Premier Solutions

Data Management. Employee Enrollment. Premium Billing. COBRA. ACA Reporting

PremierPlus Solutions

Data Management. Employee Enrollment. Premium Billing. COBRA. ACA Reporting. Dependent Verification.

EDT Solutions

Data Management. Carrier Electronic Files. Premium Billing.

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